It cannot rival the tradition of sailing, but it is undoubtedly the most suitable vessel for getting to know the island coastline in detail. Kayaks offer a unique and privileged perspective because you actually sit on the sea, silently paddling along, absorbing the sounds and perfumes around you, a condition that allows you to appreciate details otherwise invisible like the movement of a crab or the delicate whisper of the tide between the rocks of the shore. The kayak moves ahead mutely, discreetly, gliding gently on the water without leaving a trace. It does not “affect” the transparency of the sea, offering a priceless sensation of flying on water. It gives you the chance to explore every corner of the Elba coastline toward the discovery of grottoes, rocky reefs and little coves that lead to a colorful sandy or pebble beach for a rest.


Elba: the island for sport, relaxation, adventure and well-being