The Island is different from all other types of territories as it is totally surrounded by the Sea that gives it an endless 360° horizon. The Sea protects the Island!A common perception by most people (mainlanders) is to “see” her isolated or excluded…but that is a “distracted” sentiment. In reality, if you look real hard at her, listen to her history, if you live her from within, this land surrounded by water is open from every angle, ready to welcome everyone who arrives and to say good-bye to anyone who decides there is a voyage to make.This has been going on for longer than anyone can remember. There has always been a time to think, before coming to the Island or leaving from it, and this time of meditated breath is still here, conserved in the present. It is the slow Island rhythm, perhaps lazy, seemingly indolent, but genuinely welcoming. It is dense with thought and truth. It all stemmed from a voyage on the Sea toward the Island, from the migrations of ancient times to the adventures of discovery in the epic times of war and commerce, up to the fleeting visits of tourists of the present. Like every Island, Elba is revealed and recounted by the Sea, navigating around her ever changing contours, her sinuous and complex forms dominated by the imposing massif of Mount Capanne. Elba is a land blessed by the Gods and the Sea. You can live her and admire her in many ways, but all are silent, respectful and in harmony with Nature.

Since man began traveling by sea, Elba has been at the center of Mediterranean navigational routes. In any kind of wind, even the most tempestuous, there is a cove for taking refuge and the dimensions of the Island allow for rapid changes in direction.

This is a sailing paradise because its mountains, hills and valleys produce favorable winds and it is possible to sail for several days around Elba, admiring the coastline and dropping anchor in its stupendous bays. Dolphins (common bottlenose and stenella) are often sighted and if you are very fortunate you might spy a whale.

At the center of the Tuscan Archipelago and halfway between the Tyrrhenian coast and Corsica, the Island is the ideal place from which to reach other marvelous lidos for day excursions.

Elba boasts a long and prestigious tradition in the sport of dinghy sailing – small regatta boats – so everyone, young and not so young, can get close to this world. Each marina has a sailing club and excellent schools that organize regattas and sailing classes at various levels all year long. The bay at Marina di Campo, with its calm waters, allows you to go out with wind and in all kinds of weather conditions. Then, if a Sirocco comes up and waves are higher it becomes a great place for windsurfing. Marciana Marina, on the other hand, is perfect with a Sirocco for a flat sea and fresh breeze, while the Portoferraio bay is insuperable since it is always breezy with a “good” sea. The waters of Porto Azzurro also benefit from a thermal diffusion that always creates a wind, while Rio Marina, if Aeolus is not to be found, gives you the chance to go looking for air in the Piombino channel. The best part of the island for windsurfing enthusiasts is the south-western side near Mount Capanne between Chiessi and Pomonte, thanks to the powerful thermal diffusion generated by the massive granite formations that tower over the sea.


Elba: the island for sport, relaxation, adventure and well-being