Acquabona Golf Club

Everyone can play golf! Short or tall, thin or chubby, young or old…anyone! Here in Italy, too, golf is less and less a sport reserved for the élite and is becoming – we hope – much more diffuse, just as it is in other countries. Actually, the Federgolf promotional initiatives, proposed again for 2010, are showing results in terms of new member athletes. There are many charming tales about the birth of this sport.

Whether the origins are Scottish, around the year 1200, or 15th century Dutch, there is only one goal: to put the ball in the hole – following the rules, of course – the respect of which is a tried and true “point of honor” for every player! Whether you seek relaxation surrounded by nature or the satisfaction of a well played hole, you will find the right formula for your pleasure on the golf course. The nine-hole “Acquabona Golf Club” on Elba Island is just the place to experience these sensations. Sceneries of rare beauty, the eucalyptus scented breeze, and mild weather all year long make the “Acquabona Golf Club” the perfect place to enjoy this outdoor sport.


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