represent the main locations in Italy,
the most qualified services and facilities within their business areas

Hospitality facilities of any kind, Hotels with Sport Facilities, Youth Centres, Agritourism Farms, Bed & Breakfast, Tourism Promotion Associations, Sport Centres, Meeting Centres, Spas, Hotel Chains, TO – Adv Incoming, Transfer / Rentals Companies, Golf Hotels, Bike Hotels, Marina Resorts.

Only those who participate as sellers have the chance to deal
with the most qualified Italian and international demanders.

BTS Value

A broad understanding of the market and on the guaranteed quality of the buyers hosted. Buyers attending the fair represent the traditional Italian and international markets, while an area of the workshop it is reserved to the Online Demand, i.e. operators that belong to the most important booking portals on the internet.

BTS Benefits

BTS gives access to all the necessary tools, in order to target and approach those buyers that are more relevant to any particular business, therefore having a better participation schedule. The suppliers have the chance to organise educational tours for our hosted buyers.



A system that works:
finding without searching

Thanks to its efficient system that arranges meetings between demanders and suppliers, BTS offers real opportunities to develop everyone’s business. Its specific format allows to arrange appointments optimising timing and minimising costs on this one day workshop. Therefore, during the workshop, it is possible to identify potential clients and set meetings efficiently using the online agenda tool. Buyers and sellers organise independently their own schedule selecting only relevant meetings.

BTS online appointments:
a simple and effective way

It is the feature that satisfies the most those who take part
It is a flexible and efficient tool that allows buyers and sellers to choose their interlocutors
Entering the business’ data, meeting requests can be received from other operators who are looking for profiles that match their requirements